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Dealsalert.pk is emerged to facilitate internet users in an optimum manner. This site is built to let online shoppers know about online shopping stores working in Pakistan. Dealsalert is keen to let people know the best deals they should buy.

The trend of online shopping is massively increasing in Pakistan. this trend has given a rapid air to the emergence of online shopping stores. There are many online shopping stores working in Pakistan. They are not only experts of providing branded imported products but also sell local goods and items. With so many options and online stores, customers usually get confuse.

Dealsalert provides you benefice you in selecting right and lucrative product from best suiting online store. We do not sale anything but helps you in making all your purchases wise and accurate. Our services are free and our consultancy through this website will always help you in making wise online buying decisions. Dealsalert is not only a web platform but also a complete catalog that provides you complete information about operative trustworthy online stores in Pakistan.

We are intended to compare prices offered by different e-stores for single commodity. This is being done to help shoppers finding lowest price of their necessity.

Acceptance of Terms:

Dealsalert.pk provides information and easy access to internet users who intended to buy any item or product from Pakistan operative online stores. All policies, product features and specifications are mentioned with updated price comparisons. Users will get all deals offered by third party websites. As the name shows dealsalert.pk is all about informing people about latest and hot deals offered by top online stores of Pakistan.

This service allows users to know all possible options and ways to buy their desired commodities.Dealsalert, alerts you for new arrivals, season sales, event sales and stock clearance sales. This website is a property of a sole owner and launched for the benefit of internet users.

This referring website do not own or sell any described product. If you are availing our services, you need to agree with the following terms and conditions.

All mentioned deals are from Pakistan operative online stores:

Dealsalert.pk is developed to gather all deals offered by different online stores working in Pakistan. deals offered by international or out of Pakistan operative stores are not mentioned and users are requested not to seek about them.

No claim over any deal will be accepted:

Dealsalert.pk is not responsible for any deal offered by specific online store. No claim over any deal will be accepted neither authorities will facilitate claiming user.

Community participation:

Dealalert.com is not only a website but a complete platform of information about products and deals offered by different shopping websites. No community participation will be flourished at dealsalert.com. the site is working according to a pre-planned organized working strategy and community participation will affect efficiency of services.


Dealsalert.pk is an open platform where users can seek and search latest deals and sale offers of top online shopping stores. no data or information entered by user will be saved in our serve. The email ids of users if inserted in comment box never be sold to anyone. No claim over user privacy validation will be accepted.

No claim for any product will be accepted:

At dealsalert.pk users can see many products, their features and specifications, but the website is not responsible or will accept any claim over any product. Since it is only a catalog of online deals offered so we can’t own any product.

No claim will be accepted from other websites:

It’s been clearly mentioned that dealalerts will gather all sale offers of best online shopping stores of Pakistan. The main aim of developing this website is to help web users and online shopaholics. We are not intended to earn by placing deal offers of other websites. Claim over using product images and details, deal names, offers content will not be accepted.

User cannot utilize any information mentioned on dealalerts:

Dealalerts.pk always tries to bring up to date, accurate and authentic deals information. Users cannot use or utilize any offer mentioned at www.dealsalert.pk to claim deal offer to any other online store.

Change in deal claim will not be accepted:

If user may find change in any deal offered by specific online store, it will not claim on dealalerts.Dealsalert is not responsible for any change marked by significant e-store.

What to do if any link is not working:

Dealsalert always try to keep online buyers up to date, in an efficient manner. Still if any user finds any downlink it can directly use contact us page and write to us to solve its query. If a link found broken all users are allowed to inform authorities of dealalerts. If user have a specific issue on deals and coupons or can’t find your answer in the community-powered forum, you can contact Customer Service here.You should receive a response in 24-48 hours.

No claim will be accepted on expired deal:

Dealsalerts only grab deals information from different online shops. Claim over expired deal on front faced website cannot be claimed. The owner website or source is responsible for making changes in deals and validity time period.

No information about future deals provided:

Dealsalert never predict any even or future sale offer or deals offer of any website. Every website is authorized and reserve rights to predict any future sale offer but not dealsalert.

No marketing content will be promoted:

Dealsalert.pk is formed to inform people who are keen to buy goods online. To maintain website traffic and users dealsalert.pk reserves right to neglect any marketing or promotional content. Users are allowed to shared and mention their reviews for any products based on their personal use or efficiency of product.

No claim over reviews will be accepted:

To make website www.dealsalert .pk more effective and useful for visitors, users are allowed to rate and review products mentioned in deals. This is done to facilitate users in every aspect. Authorities at dealsalert are not responsible for any misconception t user reviews.

No claim over shipping:

Dealsalert.pk is totally away of selling any kind of product mentioned on website. the website is made to inform people about deals and sale offers provided by third party online stores. All deals contain relevant details about product including features and specs, ordering procedure and shipping details.Any claim over shipping and order will not be accepted by dealsalert.pk.

If you do not agree to these Terms, please do not use the Services.

Note: Unauthorized access, distribution, reproduction, copying, retransmission, publication, sale,exploitation (commercial or otherwise), or any other form of transfer of any portion of the Site,Application or Services, including but not limited to all content, services, digital products, tools or products, is hereby expressly prohibited.